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They did not answer and i needed to ask them a question.

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  • From mobile
  • Jan 15
  • #991416

Very rude took my cash for product that wasnt available then cancelled in a rude ..where is my refund .. 86p9952650

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Etsy Apron Review
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Pissed is putting it mildly., I ordered quality of 2 of the SAME style, color,pattern aprons for my grandchildren (sisters) age 6&7. When I placed the order, in the comment box, I specified I wanted exactly as pictured. Now I get them, besides them being different them pictured, one had sparkles on the material and the other didn't, you tell me which granddaughter gets the sparkly one???? I immediately reached out to "REDBOBBINDESIGNS " 2x's ,... Read more

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They allow lousy sellers. Rip off liars on jewelry. I raked one lying *** over the coals for a fake ring. and I'd do it again.. Etsy sides in what makes them money.. they don't give a *** about buyers... Etsy should be closed the *** down... they are fake.. NO PHONE.. AND THREATS NOT TO TELL ABOUT YOUR PROBLEM... LOL.. YAH ETSY.. I TOLD YOU JERKS.. GOOD LUCK ON THIS LADY SHUTTING UP... YOU ARE FAKE... LIARS.. THIEVES AND THE LOWEST MORONS ON THE... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 30, 2016
  • #982526

Basically the old bait and switch. Beautiful skirt shown so I bought it. Then she says I don't have that one anymore but I have one like it. It's horrible. It's ugly . Nothing like the picture. And cheap, really cheap. And it's huge. So ugly. Bad customer service as well.

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I really need to talk to someone about punching

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This company is a total ripe off, please don't waste your time making a purchase. You might get your order but if there is a problem with the company your odering from then there is no one to call to get your money back. The number they offer is NOT in service. That's a huge red flag and shame on your owners to do this to hard working Americans working very hard just to make it. We have three children one with special needs so money for us is... Read more

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If you're thinking about selling on Etsy please be aware that, if you email with a question or concern (have to email because there's no phone number) and if you're lucky enough to get any reply in the following week or two, Etsy will send you an obviously canned and entirely unrelated response. If you write again they'll repeat themselves and tell you that they won't be responding again. If you complain in the community forum they will "muzzle"... Read more

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I opened my Etsy account a couple days ago but haven't opened up a shop. Last night I began adding items to my listing but my Internet connection was super slow due to bad weather and managed to get only 1 item listed. I left it at that and because Etsy only lets you open a shop if you have 3+ items listed, my shop was obviously not open yet. Today I went back to continue my listing and saw a pop-up message that my account has been suspended. I... Read more

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I ordered two collars from CollarTown for our two greyhounds. After a fair amount of time, I tracked the order and it had not even shipped yet. So, I contacted CollarTown to check on the shipping date. That's all I wanted, a simple ship date. THAT was the wrong question!!! Heres our messages. Me: Can you give me the shipping date on this order? Maggie: Hi there, What is the ship date on the receipt? Thank you, Maggie Me: No idea. Maggie: At the... Read more

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