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ALL THESE etsy SHOPS ARE NOTHING BUT HOBBY LOBBY *** FROM CHINA NOT VINTAGE OR HANDMADE PERIOD WHO ARE YOU KIDDING after etsy threatened to suspend our shop over one "offending" item that was miscategorized....and they leached off our over 2000 sales I had to point out...
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Some of these shops have things from Alibaba and Hobby Lobby but not all of them do. You point out one jewelry seller as doing this which is wrong.

She might have used commercially made components but this is allowed and common.

While I agree with you that resold items do not belong on Etsy, you are pointing the finger at some shops that are within compliance. :x

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Etsy Inc, AKA Bellacicdesigns

This place is a rip off and sell merchandise, they only have 1 available, but those are just to attract you to the site. Then paypal, will not kick them out, guess they are getting a kick back. I am finished with all these places and paypal. I have 3 places I trust on the net and thats all the shopping we will be doing. Leny on Etsy design and paypal can take a flying leap, what goes around, comes around! Thieves, crooks, cons, thats all most people selling things on the net are about. But, the stupids site, we made a purchase with, we thought was alright because they had paypal. What a joke!
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This is a duplicate post, but your issue is with the seller you encountered. I have had nothing but good experiences using Etsy, so the experience you had is not common.

Paypal doesn't own Etsy, so they have no influence on the site and shutting down sellers. Paypal is just an escrow service that anyone can use. When paying with it, it will also tell you if the seller you are buying from is verified or not - I always take a look at that before buying from online sellers if possible.

Also, sellers generally only list one item at a time as each item is supposed to be unique and handmade.

If you're buying a bracelet that the seller can make another of, the second won't necessarily look exactly like the first if it's made by hand, so it's better to get new pictures. You have to pay per item you list, too.

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Etsy in Atlanta, Georgia - They are allowing a company commit fraud

I puchased 3 items from Etsy, AKA, Bellachicdesigns, the items says: only 1 available. I purchased 3 different items that said that. The order # was sent through papal and conf. to ship. The money was extracted from my acc. I never received my merchandise. I had the biggest hassel with everybody. The items are still on there or were for sure when they(paypal) were, so call investigaing my dispute. Some investigating! This liitle gal, called Leny, is using these items as bait and a ploy to get business and attract people to this aweful, *** site. Now, paypal did nothing to boot her out knowing fool well, she is committing fraud. I am so tired of all this on the net and as long as Paypal promotes this kind of behavior, it will only get worse. I did get my money back, but what about my time, my hassel and stress. I closed my acc. with paypal and will NEVER use the idiots again. Also, beware of Etsy Inc. Bellachicdesigns, its a joke, check it out! But, do not make a purchase, you will get it canceled and will not receive it! But, outside of the camoe items, I wanted, there is nothing worth having!
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Most sellers on Etsy are honest, so please do not assume that everyone on the site is the same as the seller you encountered. I have purchased items from sellers there in the past and have had good experiences doing so.

I also have friends and acquaintances who use the site for buying and selling.

Make sure to check feedback before buying from any seller online, not just on Etsy.

If you have any questions, contact the seller beforehand and see how quickly they get back to you and how willing they are to answer any questions. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but few people on Etsy will give you a hard time and many really do sell the art they post on there for a living.


I have a shop on Etsy, but not the one you are referring to. Etsy sellers use Only 1 available as Etsy charges us a fee for each item listed. When we sell one, we can relist the item. It's keeps our costs down.

Paypal has nothing to do with Etsy sellers, other than a way for us to receive money from the buyer.

Your complaint is with Etsy.

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The admin and staff at are making sellers very uneasy with their quick and not very well thought out closings of stores on their site.
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I was forced as an etsy seller to give refunds to customers when I had proof their item was delivered and did refund them. Yet they still can leave a negative comment. Etsy legal calls feedback an 'opinion'.

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