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In oct I ordered burlap from a company you sent the order to . The beginning of Dec I receive a label with no product attached.

Post office said I should contact you for a refund because the buyer would be the one that mailed it and the insurance would be coming from you. After notifying Clever Delight and was informed Id have to deal with the post office which I did. I was informed because I was the receiver And not the shipper I would have to get the refund from Clever Delight and they would have to put in the claim. This has gotten old and I just want the 15.99 I sent you since I cannot resolve from the post office because I didnt send it out.

My next step is notifying the attorney General with a complaint. I have had to put in entirely too much effort for the refund .

Please just return my 15.99 I sent you and you have to deal with the post office.

Thank you

Sandra crampton


User's recommendation: As of now not a good recommendation.

Monetary Loss: $16.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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