This greedy little re-seller purchased 2 items from my shop. LuxuryGeisha.

The day she received them, she informed me that she wanted to return them. I even gave her a 15% discount. When I informed her that I did not accept returns, she claimed that my items where "fake" and prodeuced fuzzy, grainy pictures of God only knows whose stuff, because it wasn't my merchandise. Not wanting a problem, I agreed to the return.

When I received my stuff back, I issued the return and emailed her asking that we not do business again because I had made a few exceptions for her and her behavior was unprofessional, scary, and weird. She emailed me back telling me that she was going to report me to Etsy for selling fake merchandise. I'm thinking, go ahead. I refunded her money, but not before she gave me a scathing and mocking review.

When I reported her to Etsy, they sided with her stating that she was within the "guidelines". Of what? Kookoo for Coco puffs? I finally broke down and reported her as a re-seller.

Which is against their "guidelines". And I am waiting to hear. I have even contacted an attorney because this woman's statements where so vicious and inflammatory. I wish Etsy would close her down and let people know that you can't go on random attacks on people just because you think you have immunity from consequences.

Boycott Aashaa on Etsy. Shut her dowmn!

Reason of review: harrassment from fellow seller.

Preferred solution: Reprimand Aasha on Etsy..

Etsy Cons: Abuse from fellow seller, Did not fix problem.

Location: Union City, California

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