I have spent MONTHS trying to get our Etsy shop working. It says it is suspended, and despite going around and around your help section - it is absolutely hopeless and doesn't help at all.

We joined over a year ago and still can't get items live I gave up, and then 3 weeks ago i was determined to make this work - i have been going around in circles on the website and sending emails that aren't returned ever since.

I dont know what is needed to unsuspend the account.

I have put in SEVEN emails to support, and not a single one has been dealt with.

Please please help = we are losing potential sales every day and it is impossible to get any help whatsoever.

My shop is Rare Interior Ar, email is info@***.co.uk I just wan to make it live. I have no idea what the problem is - if it's verification documents I'm not sure what's needed or where to upload.

User's recommendation: The most frustrating help system ever - it will AGE you. 0/5.

Location: London, England

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