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This is Susannah from Etsy's Marketplace Integrity team. Thank you for your interest in selling on Etsy.

Based on inconsistencies we reviewed in your account information, we have reason to believe that your business presents a significant risk to the marketplace and we can no longer accommodate your account(s) on Etsy.

We ask that you please do not open any additional Etsy accounts; they will be closed immediately and without notice.

Regardless of your account status, you remain obligated to fulfill any open orders by shipping the items or issuing a full refund.

If you would like to contact your buyers directly, you can find their email address on the purchase notification email you received from Etsy or on your PayPal transaction receipt.

We're sorry that we cannot continue our business relationship and wish you the best in finding the appropriate venue for your items.


YES, this happened to me & my Partner, we're still starting up our home business, we sell Wood resin ring (A lot of seller, sell this kind of item too!), and open ETSY account for the 1st time ever, I SWEAR!

ETSY deactivated OUR account without any prior notice / email, I've checked SPAM folder, etc, and didn't find any ETSY's email warning for this!





This is Nico from Etsy's Marketplace Integrity Team. Thank you for your response regarding your account status.

Etsy is a unique venue that connects buyers to individual makers and designers, and we have policies about what can be sold and the types of businesses that can sell in our marketplace. Not all businesses will qualify to sell here.

In the Etsy marketplace we require you to accurately represent yourself, your business, and your items. After a close review, we’ve found your shop to have the following issues:

• Listing non-qualifying items

• Having multiple Etsy accounts and not disclosing your involvement with each

• Inaccurately representing the size, scale, and location of your business, as well as your role in it

• Opening new shops when previous shops were closed for policy violations

• Not disclosing the people who help make your items or run your shop

Per our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to terminate a member’s privileges at any time, for any reason. As we believe your account presents too high of a risk to continue to sell, my team and I have elected to revoke your account privileges permanently.

We are unable to reconsider this decision, and this email constitutes our final communication on this matter.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors.


Suddenly the have 5 points of our issues?!? Each of them was not even true, how come? ETSY FALSELY ACCUSED & DEACTIVATED OUR WITHOUT ANY PROVEN EVIDENCE!

- We make our product 100% handmade

- We take pictures of our product with our Camera's

- We NEVER open Etsy Accounts Before



Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

  • Refusing Responsibility
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They deactivated my account right after I made my first sale. I did not receive any email from Etsy about it.

Instead Etsy acts like my account was still there and continue to send notification emails from teams.

It is a good thing that did it just after one sale and not several but come on Etsy at least tell me the reason why you did it and not make me email you about it. By the way, I did not email them because honestly after how they act, I don't think it's worth it.


i got same like you all. Today after i create new listing of my product, my account is deactivade permanently.

There is no email or confirmation from Etsy. And i have to pay 0.20 for each new listing charge by my paypal.

Its sucks, and i saw many seller from local sell the same product like us. Just comment for reaching me out.


I faced the exact same thing today! Received email from Etsy about inconsistency in information! Pls help knowing how did you take this further?


I got same with shirt store after open shop and integrate with Printful setup all complete like others US seller do same thing and list 3 item they charged my PayPal 1$ after 48 hr they shut me down for same reason I'm not live in US but other seller from my local a lot on that.


I have the same issue today!!!!! Posted one item and sold it the day before.

After shipping it to customer I received Etsy email and my account was suddenly closed by them with the same reason as above!

That's crazy!!!!

Extremely upsad with Etsy! I opend the shop for years, and closed by them after the first sale......



Halo aku dari Bandung,aku jg di ban dan di email hal yg sama. Kamu punya email?Boleh minta,siapa tau kita bsa discuss apa yg salah soalnya aku juga bingung banget.


I have a same issue, First products of mine i have tried to put on this website my account immediately deactivated and closed and i got the same e mail. Mr. Nico Said: " Significant Risk" ..Asked whats the significant risk and my all life has clean white background and business too..

This totally nonsense and this ETSY has got my credit card details because they are going to charge $0,20 for the store.

So I wonder whats this nonsense unprofessional way they act...

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