Hi , she is lair , she got all the product and plus she is claiming for money. Whatever she paid for we delivers that product on time.

If someone stole product from her doorstep that is not our responsibility and we have a signature proof of delivery so how could she claim for money when all the product is delivered. She is a racist , we try to help her by sending the 2 jacket free of cost after all this but she claim charge back because of that we withdraw the parcel. She want money as well jacket ..

do you guys think its fair enough. Seller beware with this lady

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Me and another store owner in Etsy had the same experience with you. A buyer bought things from both our stops & after receiving the items, applied for a chargeback in paypal.

But lucky we won the paypal case since we have proof of delivery & signature confirmation.

When I do business in Etsy, I always stand by my policy very firmly. I don't give way to extortion.


Hi there,

Thank you very much for letting me know about the existence of such kind of online fraud prevention tool. It is very useful for me!


Hey, this is very bad situation! I think that you should report her on ebuyersreviewed! I started using this site and I think that it's great for sellers!