I have filed a case claim d/t damaged products as well as items not being as described. I am sure the packages being improperly packed directly related to most of the damages.

Along with the damages, there were multiple missing parts and unsecured parts. The workmanship of the product was not as described and poses a safety issue. This was discussed via telephone with the spouse who agreed that a refund was in order. The following day I get a request that the heavy products be shipped back before a refund would be granted.

I am more than happy to allow access for these items to be picked up as discussed, but I am unable to do so for a couple of reasons.

From that posture, the seller took it upon herself to stalk my social media, berate me, and make unfounded accusations as she screenshot and sent pictures of my social media accounts. I felt harassed and shamed because I insisted on a refund vs repair.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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