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My dispute was settled in my favor through PayPal but others may not be so lucky. There is a company that goes by

CBASECOLTD that is fake and stealing from consumers.

I bought a welcome wreath with ornamental attachments from the company stating it was through Etsy. I didn't receive the items even though they say I did, providing 2 different tracking numbers for the same order, flipping idiots. Paypal ruled in my favor as it was obvious the company was a fraud. I just would like to hopefully prevent others from being scammed by this company as they may not be as lucky as I am to get their money back.

If given the opportunity, always and I mean ALWAYS verify your purchase using PayPal. You can use any credit card you want but trust me when I say Paypal will have your back if you provide enough evidence of the fraud that took place. So, NEVER delete any evidence of your purchase. Screen shot it or snip it.

Justmy experience. Shop smart my friends.

hado cpe know.

User's recommendation: Do NOT buy from this company and be knowledgeable about what company you are purchasing from. Shop smart.

Location: Fairborn, Ohio

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Cbasecoltd charged me 3 times double what the “gardin gnomes” should cost and they never arrived. Scammers In Every way.

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