I have sent the goods over to the customer with secure service so no item dont get damaged. Every parcel I send out I will make sure it is extra protected with bubbles wrap and extra box around it from any damage.

Customer has received the 3 items and now saying all 3 are damaged. I said send it back and I will replace with new 3 but he is not happy to return the 3 damaged. I said I will send my courier service to delivery the 3 new one and pick up the 3 damaged one. After 2 days the deliver driver return back the 3 damaged box with nuts and metal pieces inside.

I then sent pictures to the customer saying I have received nuts and bolts inside. He then claiming it he has no idea about this. The customer has now not 6 clocks of my and only paid for 3. I have sold 74 pieces and not one single customer has complained about the products or services.

I am not happy to return back any funds. I have attached some photos of the empty box with nuts and bolts.

Kind regards

Farhana Nila

Location: Tower Hamlets, England

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