I recently opened an Etsy seller store in December, however this month I have been charged £266.37 and I dont understand why. On my billing statement it states that I am being charged for Etsy ads, but I have only ever invested £1.00 into the Marketing Scheme.

There is a consecutive bill of £7.31 per day, along with £1.36 VAT.

I have also never tried to purchase the premium Etsy version which costs £7.30, so Im making an enquiry as to why Im being charged that amount.

I have only sold £15.00 worth art, and so am confused as to how my bill is so high. I have only ever invested £1.00 into the marketing scheme, and have never selected to pay for the premium subscription for Etsy

I hope that you understand the position I am being put in, and can explain to me why I am being charged for the premium subscription despite never selecting it.

Many thanks,

Jada Hunte

My Etsy Store is @JadaPaintings.

Location: Guildford, England

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