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A narcissist shop owner from ARIZONA, has so many rules, she contradicts, them when SHE can't meet her own guidelines.

She amends her rules, then emails the change, so you can never resolve anything via conversation.

ETSY blocked me from opening a case, AFTER I mailed the bracelet back with USPS tracking.

ETSY emailed me, demanding I respond, and I did. Now they AREN'T responding at all.

I gave them the tracking # so they can verify, it's on the way back.

NO LINK to open a "case," is BS.

I'd rather buy from a company that allows returns, since ETSY has become so unreasonable, and pacifies, these bullies.

I spent $9.00,in shipping cost, (both ways) to end up not getting anything, and ETSY hasn't refunded me, even though I explained in my email REPLY, what my side of the nightmare was.

The tracking proves, I no longer have the bracelet, and I am quite sure, ELIZABETH, will say she never got it, despite tracking.

WHO HAS THAT MANY RULES to sell a $26.00 bracelet with a too long, tassel?

I sent it back because the tassel will catch on things.

This WEBSITE is unprofessional and biased.

I only had an issue with this one ARIZONA-ELIZABETH-SHOP, in 2 1/2 decades.

ETSY sides with the drama-queen, who believes she is jewelry store quality.

You are not allowed to write a 1-2 star review without contacting the seller first. You cannot return anything without her permission.

Not only that, but you have to like it. Its 200% BS.

I'm blocked from asking permission, so I SENT IT BACK, because the tassel is a hassle.


User's recommendation: Etsy blocks buyers from opening a case/Buy elsewere.

Location: Manchester, Connecticut

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