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Dear Sir,

I bought too hot wheel items from the same seller back to back October 27 got charged for this item also for shipping and have not received anything.

I have done everything on my end to try and get this resolved and have had no luck, no response whatsoever.

I have contacted the seller four times with no response, tried opening up a case, which is impossible with ESTY.

Contacted customer care a few times left voicemails emails and even wrote an email to the CEO no response.

This is very frustrating because they're supposed to be there for their customers, I have ordered from them in the past for a few years and have never had this problem.

It also is not good business not responding to me with all the attempts I have made.

Thank you for getting back to me, I have been trying anything possible to get a hold of somebody about the situation, and you were the first people I've heard anything from.

I am retired and live on a fixed income, and these were Christmas gifts for my 4 1/2 year-old grandson. And yes, every little penny helps right now.

I have attached copies of my paid receipts also showing that they say not shipped.

If you need any further information from me please feel free to contact me. Again thank you for reaching out I appreciate this very much and Im hoping you can help me resolve this issue, I would like to get reimbursed for the whole entire sale including shipping place.

The website tells you how to go about getting refunded but yet make it impossible to do so.

User's recommendation: Check sellers amount of sales and definitely the reviews if they have any.

Monetary Loss: $37.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Etsy Pros: No receipt on phone, Price and diversity.

Etsy Cons: Slow customer resolution, I got scammed and etsy did not care.

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