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I sold two matching chairs on Etsy. The buyer was an interior designer and asked me to hold them for two weeks before shipping them, then she left them at the air rreught facility almost another week until she picked them up.

As soon as she got them she said they were beautiful but we're too small for her intended use. (Standard size chairs) she inquired about a refund and since there was nothing wrong with the chairs I declined a refund. I could have sold them during the three weeks she waited to tell me this. The shipping alone was in excess of $250 which I only charged her $115.00 for.

My mistake, and I paid the difference. Suddenly after I declined a refund due to buyers remorse, (most likely her client didn't want them,) she got nasty and said they were two different sizes and I failed to disclose that! How can someone say "They are beautiful but are too small for my intended space" to "they are two different sizes and you failed to dud lose that"? She started a case on Etsy.

I called their customer service line and spoke to a nice woman who assured me she could clearly see in my pictures that the chairs were in fact a definite match and not to worry that the case mgr would see the same and deny her claim based on prof of her buyers remorse and that there was no difference in the sizes of the matching chairs. They asked her to submit photos. she did and they were obviously intended to falsify her claim. Her tape measure was well inside the arm of the chair, and another photo it was out in the floor and not against the bottom of the chair.

The chairs were wrapped in shipping material and could not show the chairs. They asked her to resubmit photos, which she did an even worse job! The chairs were never unwrapped to show if they were the same ones I sent! It was a huge joke!

They sided with her, told me to pay for entire thing and return shipping! I have exact photos and she submitted obviously tainted photos and they do this? I told them they denied my my rights as a seller and falsified their Trust & Safety process. I'm shocked that they can do this with photos any judge would laugh at!

They are demanding I pay shipping fees and $400 for the chairs to someone who falsified their joke of a Trust & Safety process.

Their own customer service rep twice agreed with me on the phone! She said she was shocked that they ruled in favor of this liar.

Etsy Cons: Failure to honor their policies, Ignore their very own policies, Ignored provided proof.

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On refunds, the answer is how did she pay? Paypal?

You are sunk. Cash or money order? Too bad so sad.

A person can only *** over if you give them the ammo. Never take electronic payment for any amount you can not afford to lose.


Next time instead of being lazy, just put the dimensions on etsy. How?

Get a ruler or tape measure and measure the length, width and height. This could have all been prevented if you weren't so careless.

Although it was nice of you to take a hit for the extra shipping cost.