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Number is not in service. Please change it so we may reach you when needed.

How can we cantact or talk to you guys if we need help in some matter? There should be some easy way for those who are new to ETSY. It's discouraging when you don't get help at the time when needed. Now it's an other demand that I may write at least 100 words to make a review.

Please make youe system easy so people like me may feel easy to work and get all the guidline which is needed. I'll be grateful if I could see Thanks

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Bronx, New York

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Disclaimer, I am an Etsy seller, not an employee or affiliated with them in any way: If you are having a problem with your order, your first step is to contact the shop owner regarding that order. Go to "Your Purchases & Reviews".

Next to your order should be a "Contact the Shop" button. Send them a message, if you don't have a response or a tracking notification within 48 hours, your next step would be to open a case against that seller, regarding that order. You can do it in the same place. From there the seller will be forced to either ship the product or refund your order, otherwise they will face action from Etsy.

In addition, this page is not monitored by Etsy. It was a third party that listed that phone number, not Etsy.

They do not provide a phone number because they do not have a call center for customer support, it all goes through email (which yes, can totally suck sometimes).

Good Luck!

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