I tried to Purchase several computers through Etsy and PayPal, which was all they were accepting and none of them would go through, they all made me sign into PayPal each time, but then would give me an error message. I double checked with PayPal, everything was working there and when I tried to get Etsy on the phone they said they would call my number back when they were able and never did.

I think it is all a big Fraud, I don't care how long they been online, or how many so called people say Etsy worked, I couldn't buy anything I wanted, instead after adding in the cart they kept telling me to purchase before it was sold out, but several trys later and I still could not purchase anything, even tried through a private window and that did not help. I also went to ebay and purchased items through PayPal there to make sure that was working and I had no problem there, If Etsy is for real they should at least give you a way to report these fakes and then remove them, it is a big waste of out time and money!

User's recommendation: Stay Away, unless you do not care about being frustrated!

Location: Irwin, Pennsylvania

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