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I made a purchase to seller busbybabes07 in the United Kingdom, at Etsy.com, on 4/7/2017, in the amount of $166.80 Order number 119102****. The item claimed as vintage Chanel brooch, authentic.

I just found out the item is a counterfeit item. I am unable to open a case, because it was bought in April 2017. I requested Etsy to refund me the money, because I believed Etsy was an honest company and do not allow counterfeit item traffic in their website, however, the item I receive is not vintage and not authentic. Etsy do not want to have anything to do with my request for a refund, stating I signed up agreeing to their terms and condition.

Only if I receive the exact item as described, not if I receive a counterfeit item which is illegal. The items was not listed AS IS meaning, i can always return it should it was not as described. Etsy should not close their eyes to what is happening in their platform, especially when it comes to trafficking counterfeit items and a violation to intellectual property. Etsy should be responsible in protecting custoemers in their platform and help should an issue such as this arise.

I demand a full refund of the money that I spent on Etsy.

My bank statement charges shows ETSY.com as the company I paid my money to. Image 1 is authentic 2017 Chanel brooch and Image 2 is the item I purchased at ETSY.COM

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $167.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Etsy Cons: Being ripped off, No guarantee.

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You honestly thought you were going to get a vintage Chanel brooch for 167?

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