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10 years I never had an issue with anything on the site. Pretty smooth operation.

Customers love my products with great reviews. Sold a $45 photograph to a very impatient woman. She started sending me harassing emails for Several days complaining about the item having not arrived. I told her I don't have it.

I gave her the tracking number (etsy shipping label) , please call the post office. More Sniveling and whining and I had just had it. Told her to NOT contact me again. This whole time she has been attacking and insulting me and I've really just had enough of her.

Very abusive to me. Very frustrating when they just REFUSE to listen. Told her she would just have to WAIT. Mind you we are only 5 days out with a 2-3 day handling time and a 3 day weekend.

That didn't matter. So wanted to complain. So yes I told her NOT to contact me again and I called her a retard. She's not of course.

I just got tired of the insulting abusive emails. I shouldn't have to put up with that just because she can't wait the normal amount of handling time. That was it. I think that was the word that got me thrown off etsy.

I sent a graveling email to etsy integrity.

Asked if I can appeal. I can't ecven sign-in to create an appeal. I really don't have any hope. I've got ebay, amazon, Bonanza and a couple more smaller site.

To bad, I rather liked the set up on etsy. Again, never had a problem until this lady started harassing me as if I was her personal pinata.

Not fair that I get abused and then punished for defending myself. We all have a right to be treated fairly and I have not been......

Any suggestions?

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Marketplace.

Reason of review: I am being punished .

Preferred solution: reinstate my account. I understand the policy..

Etsy Cons: I feel that i have been judged to harshly.

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