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Recently I purchased a shirt from an Esty seller (By Way of Faith) that not only arrived in a completely different style than pictured, but also had irregular shaping and hanger bumps in the arm and shoulder areas. The advertised photo was a jewel neck tshirt.

What I received was a V-neck tshirt. The shirt was purchased to be worn in a professional photo session, not to mention for my official birthday gathering. In short, the quality of the shirt was poor and very masculine looking and not at all up to par with the hundreds of stock photos listed on the website. Upon receiving the shirt I immediately contacted the seller and told her my concerns about the style and irregularities in the shirt.

I was humble in my approach in stating that I would like to reach a conclusion that is "fair to both parties". The seller reminded me of her "no refunds" policy and blamed me for not having read the fine print in the product description stating that the actual shirt would differ from the advertised photo. Regarding the hanger bumps, the seller was very defensive stating multiple times that they "don't use hangers" and recommended that I merely "iron" the shirt to "get the wrinkles out". I wrote to the seller multiple times and requested a refund.

The seller was extremely rude and unprofessional and ignored my emails. I mailed the shirt back to the seller and consulted with an Etsy rep who explained the review process and informed me that Etsy does not interpret quality and that the seller was covered because of what was written in the details of the product description. Having gone back and read the reviews and responses that the seller had left for negative reviews; I decided to give the seller an honest review with a 4 star rating to ensure that my review was not compromised. I contacted Etsy before and after my review and was told that it did not violate any Etsy policy.

After posting my review I started to receive harassing emails from the seller. Not only was she upset about the review, but from there she made personal attacks against on my character calling me names like petty, dishonest, and a bully. I emphasized to the seller that I did not want to be contacted again. The seller threatened to file a formal complaint with Etsy and the following day my review was removed.

I then opened a case and contacted Etsy numerous times. Opening the case opened the door for further insults from the seller who was now more confident and aggressive in her approach bragging about her five star ratings and volume of weekly sales. The dialogue was very abusive and upsetting to the degree that I closed the case to stop the flood of negative messages I was receiving. In a very emotional phone call with an Etsy rep I explained that all I wanted to do was look nice for my 45th birthday.

I am a customer who went online and purchased a tshirt. The shirt was hideous and was too embarrassing to be worn in my photos or much less my birthday celebration. I spent my birthday week looking for other clothing options at the last minute, coupled with engaging in negative banter about a shirt that is visibly not up to par with the stock photos (even the v-necks) advertised on the merchant's webpage. When everything was said and done I received correspondence from Etsy stating that my review was removed because I violated policy by giving a negative rating with a 4 star review.

I received a separate email stating that the case that was reopened was now closed because I violated Etsy's policy by mailing the item back to the seller without an agreement. The seller contacted me to inform me that she rejected my return and that I was no longer able to purchase from her shop because I am a "dishonest bully". So as it stands, I'm out $32 for a shirt that is masculine and irregular. I have been insulted and verbally attacked by a seller.

And worst, I am not allowed to share this experience with other unsuspecting customers. For the record, I have never had an issue with an Etsy seller. Prior to now I have never left a negative review. I even gave this seller a second opportunity after I encountered issues with her from a previous order.

This seller has mastered the art of using the Etsy system to her advantage. She purposely does not post actual photos of her products. She has a strict no refunds policy. She harasses customers in her messages and review rebuttals, and files complaints against buyers to have negative reviews removed.

This seller definitely knows the system and will go on to do this to another customer. As a customer I am left feeling like I was punished for simply expecting to receive what I paid for. Clearly I am not well versed in how to get over using the Etsy system. Nor am a bully.

My hope is that this seller will not be allowed to continue to ruin people's memories.

To say the least, the stock photos versus the products she's sending out is questionable and extremely deceptive. I attempted to convey this to an Etsy representative, however it fell on deaf ears.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $32.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Etsy Cons: Difficulty contacting customer service, Handling of disputes between buyers and sellers.

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By Way of Faith is a 5* Etsy shop with over 5K sales. We process over 200 shirts each month and strive for bi-directional customer service.

Ms. Ashford purchased a “Made in 1973” design on January 19, 2018 in size 3XL. BWF shipped a District Made V-Neck shirt as stated in the listing description, which is found at https://www.etsy.com/listing/28600****/made-in-1973-all-original-parts-bling Per Etsy Buyer agreement, found @ https://www.etsy.com/legal/buyers/?ref=list#purchasing, a buyer is expected to read each shop’s listing description before making a purchase. Ms.

Ashford failed to adhere to and continues to ignore Etsy Buyer as well as BWF shop policies. • Ms. Ashford contacted my shop on February 6, 2018 stating that she expected “the jewel neck shirt after I received it I did go back and discovered “V-Neck” written in fine print” as well as stated “But the worse part of it all are the unsightly hanger bumps in the sleeve”. See Figures #1, #2 and #3 below.

• Upon review of the above pictures, BWF responded to Ms. Ashford that we do not offer refunds for our made to order shirts as well as recommended that she iron the sleeves to press out the wrinkles as we do not store stock shirts on hangers. • Ms. Ashford continued to press for a refund as she expected to receive a “crew neck” as pictured in the listing first picture regardless of what’s stated in the listing description and picture gallery.

Note: the listing description states multiple times that a Black V-Neck shirt will be shipped as well as to contact us for a custom listing for a crew neck shirt (see below snapshot captured and sent to Ms. Ashford on February 10). • On February 6, BWF notified Ms. Ashford that I declined her refund request and unwarranted complaint due to the following: o Upon review of pictures, she did not receive a defective shirt.

o Ms. Ashford did not read the listing description beforehand which states that a Black V-Neck shirt will be provided and to request a custom listing for a crew new shirt. • On February 9, Ms. Ashford left a 4* rating with negative and false feedback against my shop, which violates Etsy feedback policy.

I flagged Ms. Ashford review to Etsy customer service as well as respectfully requested Ms. Ashford to cease communicating with my shop. • On February 10, Etsy customer service removed Ms.

Ashford review after careful consideration. • On February 9, BWF refused Ms. Ashford unauthorized return at the United States Postal Center per our shop policy, listing description and order receipt which states ”ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not accept returns or exchanges as each item is made upon request.

Although it is rare, if we do make a mistake with your order, we will reprint it or issue a refund immediately”. • On February 10, Ms. Ashford opened an Etsy Dispute Case stating “An Item was not as described”. Upon providing evidence to support my response, the case was closed in my favor by the Etsy Dispute team.

Ms. Ashford replied that “If you process 200 orders a week and have 5 Star ratings why are you taking things so personal? I am one customer. You still have your business and other happy customers.

Its not that crucial. In case you missed it, its actually my birthday. And with all do respect you have monopolized enough of my time. I just want my money.

You win. I'll see you in court.” • On February 28, 2018, BWF emailed a response to Mr. Todd at Florida’s Action 9 News with my response and evidence to support why Ms. Ashford unfounded complaint and refund request was not approved.

• On March 26, 2018, BWF emailed a response to The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services based on Ms. Ashford unfounded complaint. • As of September 28, Etsy customer service, Florida's Action 9 News and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services have closed Ms. Ashford complaint based on the BWF above feedback and supporting evidence and pictures (unable to upload to site) Ms.

Ashford is a repeat By Way of Faith’s customer. • Ms. Ashford first purchase was on August 17, 2017 for the “Birthday Entourage” design in 3XL and other sizes. • Ms.

Ashford order was cancelled due to Ms. Ashford refusal to review and adhere to our current made to order processing times, which was 7 – 10 Business days. Mrs. Ashford requested a need by date of September 1 without shop agreement.

As a first-time customer, BWF rescheduled the order to ship 5 days earlier without charging a rush production fee of $7.50 per shirt to help meet Ms. Ashford need by date. Upon recommending to Ms. Ashford to upgrade standard shipping to USPS Priority Mail for an additional $3 fee, Ms.

Ashford replied “I'm not inclined to pay any additional money as I already paid additional money for shipping. If you forsee an issue with the order I would rather you just cancel it." • Per Ms. Ashford request, BWF cancelled the order on August 22, 2017. • After cancelling the order, Ms.

Ashford contacted BWF again to state that the group of shirts were for her niece who lost her son in a tragic accident and stated that “After thinking about it. I will gladly pay the additional shipping. Money was never the issue. I just really want everything to be nice for my niece....” • Upon discussing further with Ms.

Ashford our shop policies and having compassion for her family, BWF agreed to service Ms. Ashford purchase request. • Ms. Ashford submitted another order on August 22, 2017 in 3XL and other sizes.

• BWF shipped the same District Made V-Neck shirt to Ms. Ashford Orlando address as fulfilled for the January 19, 2018 order. • Ms. Ashford replied on September 3, 2017 stating “I hope you are well.

I received my shirt and it is absolutely perfect!

I wanted to thank you for working with me to get the shirts to us on time.” • Ms. Ashford shared group pictures via Etsy Convo (See Figure #4 and Figure #5) as well as submitted a 5* review of the purchase, which is publicly found at @ https://www.etsy.com/shop/bywayoffaith/reviews/122806****.

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