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Etsy is not user friendly. At first when you start the beginnings of setting up your shop or listing, there is an option to get a call back if you need a rep to assist you.

Once you set up shop and list an item, you will never find any place to go to click and request that same phone call back. Its like they lock you in and you cant get out. I posted my first item and then searched to find it just as the public viewers would find it. To my surprise and much dismay.....I literally sat for, it had to be, 2 hrs or more looking through all 250 pages and I DID NOT SEE MY ITEM.

If I cant find my are my potential costumers going find it. After that, I listed no more items and wanted "out" since they had my credit card and they could start charging for this that and the other thing. I was not happy with them from the start. I cannot believe a so called established site like Etsy has no live reps to speak to for assistance when you need help setting stuff up & running or you have questions that are not listed in their list of hundreds of questions you can ask...your screwed.

Who wants to wait for a call back anyway, which you only have the option to do right at the very start of setting up your page and listing items, then once your up apparently your up for good. This is ridiculous and then they call you from blocked numbers. The costumer service line they have when you google for not working. They say its "under construction." Costumer service is terrible.

Its like only available to get set up so they can start billing you but then when you do not see your ad and you want to cancel they give you absolutely no where to go on the site to cancel or back out. Apparently they are going to keep billing my CC until I find a way to contact these people to cancel my account. I even sent an email to Etsy requesting to close my account and please no longer bill my CC. No surprise that I never received a email back nor did I get a call.

I surely reveived their bill though!!!!!! This co. is making alot of money off of us, billing all there customers with varies charges and fees to post our merchandise that you cannot even find yourself. They do not value us when in fact they would not be a so called successful site or be doing business without us displaying our merchandise.

You think they would have the decency and respect for their listers and offer proper costumer service or not lock us in after we have opened a shop or listing. They give you no option to back out or cancel and they no longer list the option to have someone call you back once you have started. After your posted that option no longer comes up. Etsy is a total scam.

Its a bunch of hype. All they want is your money. Do you really want to list an item and then have your costumer click through 150 pages before they see your item, worse there are another 100 pages to go when your searching (250) total. At the very end of this page, which is a costumer review, the very last statement is written as such in their words: it says Pissed Consumer "Terms and Service" which I read and it means they have the right to delete reviews they may not see fit.

They only keep the good ones. You are not allowed to speak badly about them. Just the fact that they end your chance to write a costumer view with a note to "pissed costumers" (their words) is a huge red flag and a very scary comment because if they were more helpful to listers we would not be so pissed. If they had more respect and valued us costumers which pay for our listings and all other applicable fees they would not have to worry about us being pissed and what kind of comment is that to have at the end of an opportunity to write a review.

It should not be worry some to Etsy if they were doing the "RIGHT THING BY US AND PRACTICED GOOD PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ETHICS" THIS IS A HUGE SIGN OF VERY VERY BAD & VERY VERY POOR BUSINESS PRACTICES. I feel bad for everybody that gets roped into this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Customer Care.



Etsy Pros: I feel taken advantage of.

Etsy Cons: Deleting comments so no ones sees, On and on complaint.

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Disclaimer, I am an Etsy seller, not an employee or affiliated with them in any way:

Hey there, I am a fellow Etsy seller. I've run a very successful store for about four years now.

It sounds like you are having some basic issues with setting up and closing your page. Let me help you out here.

1. You can always request a phone call back.

You are never "locked out" of that service. I'm not sure where you are looking for that option, but you can always Google "Etsy callback" if you are having trouble navigating your page.

2) You are complaining about your listings not showing up in the search. YOU need to learn how to optimize your listings using the item name, description, and tags.

It's taken me years to perfect that. You can get a basic run down of how it works using any of the numerous articles on Etsy and the rest of the internet. From the looks of it, you sell jewelry. Everybody sells jewelry.

It's almost impossible to consistently show up on the front page with broad search terms. "Pink Necklace" brings up over 210k results. Don't rely on Etsy searches to bring you business. Ever.

You need to be treating it like your own website and doing your own marketing. THAT is how customers will find you.

3) While I understand that it's frustrating not having a phone number you can call any time you need help, there are so many resources available, you can literally Google any problem you have and if there isn't a walk through from Etsy, there are several hundred from experienced sellers. I can tell you that in four years, I've only needed to contact Etsy once. Also, they are not "costumer service", they do not make costumes.

They are "customer service", they help customers. Who may also be costumers, but there are plenty of other customers that are not costumers. This may be related to why you have trouble with your listing optimization. Spelling is important.

4)You can cancel and shut down your shop at any time. You just haven't tried. Go to "Shop Settings". Select "Shop Options".

Select "Close Shop". If you have an outstanding balance, pay it. Then you can close it up. 5) The only time you are billed is for listings, sales/card processing, shipping, and advertising.

If you aren't doing any of that, you will not be charged. You can stop the charges any time you want, go on vacation mode or close your store. 6) All they want is your money. Yes, that's usually how businesses work.

7) You are complaining about the Terms of Service for, not Etsy, on From your complaints I can tell you have a very difficult time navigating the internet and understanding how it works. Since that is the case, I can understand how Etsy isn't your cup of tea. They really can't make it much simpler.

8) You are literally on a website dedicated to angry customers. This is nothing but negative reviews. That's how this website works. Please see point #7.

In closing, since you do not know how to use the internet, I highly recommend following my step by step directions above to close your shop.

I recommend that going forward, you stick with basic channels that don't require much technology, such as craft shows, farmers markets, etc. Good luck!

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