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I ordered a newborn outfit (bloomers and headband) for pictures. I had a conversation with the shop on what size giving my baby's weight and the shop stated to order a different size.

As I had just placed the order not two minutes prior, I messages back to please send the size they recommended. I gave my order number and shop replied saying "no problem". The transaction and the conversation all happened on the same day within minutes of each other. I get the outfit and it was a premie size (I needed 0-3).

So I messages the shop, and I messages the shop... And yet again I messages the shop. Never a single reply! All my messages were reasonable and professional yet still no acknowledgement.

Bad business.

There are too many other great sellers on etsy selling same things as my2lilpixies to risks buying from them. Very unprofessional.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $19.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Etsy Pros: Many sellers and use etsy often.

Etsy Cons: My2lilpixies store.

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Yes I agree. Don't give to this business because they are not an honest company to patronize.

I as well placed my first order in May 2016 they shipped it in two days. I placed a second order they actually placed two separate orders charged me twice showed my order as not shipped and deducted twice from my account. I e-mailed them three times and they never once replied.

Bad company to deal with. Buyer beware.


So sad that leaving a bad review on ETSY for some people isn't enough, that they have so much anger because THIS shops policy as well as MANY others on ETSY state that you may not cancel an order after purchase is made. THIS IS in the shop policy.

FOR MOST shops on ETSY, YOU are buying a HANDMADE item that you choose the size for to be MADE JUST FOR YOU! Why on earth would this transaction be cancelled when the order was already in process to be made and POLICY states just that. Buyer is giving false information, there is not a preemie size available to purchase in this shop. This is a lie, in the drop down menu you cannot choose a preemie size.

Newborn or 0-3 is shops smallest size. False information is given here.

There are so many WONDERFUL reviews for this shop and SO MANY happy customers. Customer didn't get her way, the shop followed it policies and rules that are set for a reason and following there shops rules made this person mad.

Sorry this person is angry, but when you purchase from any shop on ETSY, you have to understand you are buying an item made just for you, there will be no cancellations on something handmade you chose to purchase, shop has a policy that you can do an exchange, As you are saying you wanted a different size, you would not need to CANCEL an order for a different size. customer had the option to exchange. All buyers have the option to exchange for a larger size if needed..

Buyer was offered to exchange and chose not to. How can a shop help a person choosing not to work something out?


Obviously you are illiterate and cannot read. Either that or you own this horrible shop.

I ordered according to the shop's instructions in our messages.. They told me to place the order and message them with the details. You obviously work for or own the shop and do not like bad reviews as I would be more than happy to post a picture of the preemie size i received.

You just reignited my anger and now i will find more forums to post on so i can deter as many people as possible from ordering from this shop.

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