On April 12, I contacted Sandy Robertson at Enchanted Mushroom to make me a Chinchilla bath house. On April 12 she contacted me to ask about the design. On April 28, she said she needed to put glaze on it but it would be done the following day. After not hearing from her, I contacted her on May 10, asking for an update. This is how she responded. I will even attach the official message from Etsy.

"I am so sorry... I meant to message you... I have put that thing through the kiln 7 times. For some reason the glaze on its ear keeps coming off. I don't know why.... I have started another one - actually got it out of the mold today but haven't made its ears yet... I will still try one more time on the other one - If it will stay on - I will send it to you at no cost but shipping - but I can't send it with the paint popping off... I just bought a new kiln so it has to be fired to the proper settings... I have a owl that did the same thing... Its very odd.... I will keep you posted...."

From my interpretation, due to her lack of customer service, she was trying to make things right. If she could get the glaze to work on the original she was going to send me a completed project, "at no cost but shipping."

I did not hear from her for a while, and I had already accepted that I would not get the chinchilla house.

On June 17, she contacts me that she made a new house and she would send pictures shortly.

On June 18 she tells me that the listing is now active and sends me a coupon for $5 off the $25 purchase. I then asked her if the May 10 offer still stands. This is what I said: Hi Sandy,

"It looks great! I was just wondering, if your May 10 offer still stands. In our messages, you said that you would send the house to me "at no cost but shipping."


To my surprise, this is how she responded.

"That was for the other one. Which I can do that if you don't mind his ears being painted with outside paint rather than the glaze."

Note, that was never stated in her May 10 message. She said if she could get the glaze to stay on, she would send that perfect product to me at no cost but shipping. I am not a customer who wants something for nothing. Because of HER customer service, SHE offered to do so (I did not ask her to send it to me for free- SHE OFFERED, and I just wanted her to stand by her word. What is different about the new house? She was going to send me a completed project for free because of how long I had to wait and her lack of communication.

Naturally, I responded, but I consulted with 3 other people first. They all agreed with my standpoint. This is what I said:

"Hi Sandy,

I will go ahead and purchase the new one, with the discount. However, I believe that you misspoke. In the May 10 message, you were willing to send me a completed product, had it worked (glaze on ears and all). I felt this was reasonable, considering the amount of time I had to wait on the finished product. There was never any indication, in your message, that you would have sent it without the ears being glazed. You even said that you would not send anything with the paint popping off. To say now that I have to pay nearly full price for a completed project, when you would have sent me a completed project to begin with, does not make sense. It was never stated that I would only pay shipping for an incomplete product. In your message, it is implied that you were trying to make the original work at all cost.

Nevertheless, I appreciate all of your time and effort, and I hope all of this makes sense."

I thought my response was informative but cordial.

In contrast, this is how she responded:

"I said I would send it if it worked, it didn't, the ears glaze came off again so I had to make a new one. I am still trying to glaze the other one, I will try over the weekend... maybe it will work this time...

This is what I said.

'I will still try one more time on the other one - If it will stay on - I will send it to you at no cost but shipping - '

it didn't work."

For some reason, she did not understand that she had offered to send me a completed project "had it had worked." At this point because, it took her two tries, I feel she is back peddling.


On June 19, I received an email notification that Sandy Robertson had cancelled my order. Here is the message from the seller:

"Message to buyer: Glaze on item is defective, sorry for the inconvenience..."

This is what SHE submitted to Etsy:

"Cancellation reason provided by the shop owner: Buyer and shop owner agreed to cancel transaction and I can't ship this item out. I will no longer be making this item."

That's really interesting. She did not speak to me once about a potential cancellation... I purchased the item that she listed in her shop. Was it defective then?

She canceled the order because she is not a woman of integrity, and wanted to prevent me from writing a review. She knew that I was right. For the record, I would have given her product 3 stars. Her work is beautiful, but her customer service is horrendous.

Even if there was a misunderstanding, she should have apologized and explained her piece better. Her May 10 message does not convey anything that she is claiming now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want her reprimanded and notified that I filed a complaint against her. I would also like someone from ETSY to review the May 10 message and tell me your interpretation..

Etsy Cons: Customer service.

Location: Canyon Lake, Texas

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