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Never again! My first experience with Etsy and its sucked big time!!

No Customer service to help with any issue so your basicly screwed if your order is wrong! I placed an order through etsy with BOSQUE APPAREL for a Christmas gift. Who ever packaged my order did not include the house number which in turn got delivered to a different house. When I contacted John with BOSQUE APPAREL he pretty much asked if I had looked everywhere at my house and that's it!!

No other options for help resolving this issue. So I'm out a package and I'm out the money I spent on the item and shipping!!

John will not return any of my emails and again has not offered to make this right even though his packing person screwed up the label. I will continue to figure out how to get my money back for this item and will never again use etsy or BOSQUE APPAREL for my shopping needs

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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use amazon


Hi this is John, the sole proprietor of Bosque Apparel.

I want to lay out my side of this story, the easiest way is to briefly go through the email chain between my self on the costumer.

Cliff notes, shirt was shipped to the address provided which in turn was delivered to a neighbors house.

Customer had issues receiving the shirt from the neighbor. I offered 20% off on a reorder of the shirt due to the issues.

Customer - November 30th

I was contacted by the customer asking where her package was?

Bosque Apparel - December 1st I apologized for the late replay, and responded with the tracking number of her order. At this point it showed delivered on November 28th.

Customer - December 1st Customer responds "that it is interesting because nothing has come to the house!!!" Bosque Apparel - December 1st I respond that it has been scanned as delivered, is it possible that a family member brought it into the house and didn't tell you? Customer - December 2nd "Okay John... I'm a little frustrated this morning because I know when I placed my order I gave the address and who ever did the shipping label did not put the address number package has been delivered to a house down the street because the mail man just guessed at which address to put it at (I just got off the phone with the post office) so now I have to go to that house and HOPE that someone has not opened this package which is a Christmas gift for a family member." It is important to note here, there is no other person, I am the only person in this company, I design, produce, package, and ship each order. The address the shirt was shipped to was the one provided by the customer.

To change it I would have had to go in through multiple menus to physically change it. "Okay John I'm super pissed right now and it's making me even more mad that your company doesn't have a phone number to deal with this kinda stuff or that there's an issues with a customers order yet NO ONE has even tried to help me or make this right! If I don't hear from someone by noon I will contact Etsy about this and I will write thee worst review on your company you've ever read! The house that received MY package (because YOUR co didn't even put a house number) I've been to FOUR TIMES now and the person everyone said has it somehow knows what's in the package but says she never saw the package!

How are YOU going to make this right?" Bosque Apparel - December 5th "I am sorry that you have not yet received your package. Your mail carrier should not have delivered the package to a non existing address. That said, your package was shipped to the address provided when you checked out on Etsy. Please see attached for a screen shot, you can also confirm this in your receipt of the order on Etsy.

I am sorry for the continued issues, but the mistake was not made our end. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about your current order. I can however offer you 20% off of a new order. Please note, that if you do report us to Etsy I will use this email chain and the address you entered when purchasing as reference in contesting the report and any negative review." The screen shot was attached Customer - December 5th "I would like to see the screen shot please because I was told by the mail carrier that there was no house number on the package.

I have written MY review of your company and customer service and will gladly adjust it if you can show me that screen shot" Bosque Apparel - December 5th I resent the screen shot Customer - December 5th " Thank you but no thank you for the 20% off. IF this is indeed the mail carriers issue then it would not be fair of me to use that. " Customer - December 5th " I saw the attached screen shot you provided" So it is at this point I assume the issue is resolved. Granted I should have checked to see if she ever received her shirt from the neighbor, but it was in the middle of the Christmas rush and I did not follow up.

I did not know about this review here until another customer messaged me about it.

I wanted to put up my side. Thank you, -John - Bosque Apparel


I may have misunderstood, but if you didn't get the package, how do you know what's on the label and who did it ?

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