Marysville, Michigan
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I have 2 orders that my card has been charged and have had no response. Order :1130858851 and 1128626473 both from Sports Decals 4 You please. Call 810- 982-7043 ig not home leave message Thank You Deborah Ward

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I ordered a really cute bee necklace and that was October 29! It said the package would arrive in 3 to 5 has been well over that...I thought if I confirm my account again I would work to get my thing...I have not gotton my thing...and I was charged! If I don't get it soon I want a refund!


Disclaimer, I am an Etsy seller, not an employee or affiliated with them in any way: If you are having a problem with your order, your first step is to contact the shop owner regarding that order. Go to "Your Purchases & Reviews".

Next to your order should be a "Contact the Shop" button. Send them a message, if you don't have a response or a tracking notification within 48 hours, your next step would be to open a case against that seller, regarding that order. You can do it in the same place. From there the seller will be forced to either ship the product or refund your order, otherwise they will face action from Etsy.

Good luck!

Also: I do not recommend posting your phone number publicly.

This site is not reviewed by Etsy, your shop seller, but it is used by several thousand others. Protect yourself and browse wisely!

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