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I opened my Etsy account a couple days ago but haven't opened up a shop. Last night I began adding items to my listing but my Internet connection was super slow due to bad weather and managed to get only 1 item listed.

I left it at that and because Etsy only lets you open a shop if you have 3+ items listed, my shop was obviously not open yet. Today I went back to continue my listing and saw a pop-up message that my account has been suspended. I emailed Etsy to ask what happend and the following is the reply I got: Hello, This is Susannah from Etsy's Marketplace Integrity team. Thank you for your interest in selling on Etsy.

Based on inconsistencies we reviewed in your account information, we have reason to believe that your business presents a significant risk to the marketplace and we can no longer accommodate your account(s) on Etsy. We ask that you please do not open any additional Etsy accounts; they will be closed immediately and without notice. We're sorry that we cannot continue our business relationship and wish you the best in finding the appropriate venue for your items. Sincerely, Susannah This is just absurd.

I had ONE item and it was a handmade cellphone case. I replied back and asked what the inconstitency was but never heard back from them. and to threaten me not to open another account as if I'm some kind of criminal selling knives to children? I did some research and found out that if there is a copy right infringement, Etsy can take down the account.

My item has a ribbon with tick blue and ribbon stripes and I called it a "Gucci-inspired ribbon case". Are they so *** that they don't know what inspired means? It's not a counterfeit because Guccie does not make a cellphone case like that and nowhere on my item I had Gucci logo or print. I've seen so many so-called "established" sellers selling cellphone "pacifier" (I don't even know what the heck these are) with LV print and Gucci print.

Now, those are not copyright infringement and a freakin ribbon with 2 blue and 1red stripe is? (Have they not seen Gucci? Gucci uses green and red stripes!!!) Even if Etsy wants to be like super cautious and doesnt even want the slightest implication of tolerating copyright infringement, they can send a warning or explain in the email as to why my account was suspended instead of shutting it down. oh and did I mention my shop was not even open yet?

so no one has even seen my item therefore no one other than these obnoxious, snobby Etsy admins think my item infringes copyright. Honestly, I don't even agree that my item is a copyright infringement because ANYONE and ANY BRAND can use a freakin ribbon with blue and red stripes but even if it was, instead of sending me a warning on my shop that hasn't even open yet, they choose to shut my account down and send a threatening email as if I committed some horrible crime to "oooh, violated the houserules of their lala land." So ***. Please.

legal team at Etsy. Get a life and find something better to do for a change.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Etsy Cons: How they bully new users without further explanation.

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Yes, I agree!! How dare Etsy follow the law, that's just bad customer service!

We should have the right to sell fake Gucci!!

If they disagree, they must be racist!

I demand compensation! How dare they try and make rules


I wish you had read my post before commenting hun lol I never sold fake Gucci. mine was a handmade item with blue and red stripes.

(Gucci has green and red stripes which are pretty common colors of you haven't noticed) nowhere on my listing I said it was Gucci and I clearly stated it was inspired by the stripes. Gucci does not have a cell phone case with the ribbons. and even if they thought it was the right approach would have been to send me a notice instead of shutting down without telling me the reason.

and who said anything about them being racists? so please read the contents before making a smartmouth sarcastic comments next time you make one hun


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