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I have had problems with them as well as a seller, I am in the process of changing my business to get my product line off of the site however this takes time.

1. Etsy has changed their "ads" multiple times. After closely examining my stats I realized that my views and orders have dropped immensely over the last 3 years. Views are now 2000 less then they were 2 years ago however I am paying $100 more for the ads. I am now watching things like a HAWK! I brought something up to them with details showing the proof that they were scamming they wrote me back a generic response denying it but somehow my shop views magically went up? Not a coincidence, they figured out I was paying attention so they are trying to save their ***.

2. Etsy has no feedback form for THEM! Customers can go on to sellers shop pages and lie about how transactions went. Buyers will try to get items for free through making statements like "refund me or I will give you bad feedback!" This is called EXTORTION!

Defined: Extortion - the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

synonyms: blackmail, shakedown; formalexaction

"arrested on a charge of extortion"

You report the bad feedback to Etsy and you get a generic message saying "we can't/won't help you" in basic terms.

3. Etsy favors certain types of shops. Pretty sure this website is being run by a bunch of spoiled rich kid hipsters. They only showcase certain things and avoid many types of shops that are on their site. I have looked in the "showcase" for items like those that I carry on my shop and never see them.

4. Etsy seems to forget the fact that the SELLER is their customer... again, let's get a feedback section on the Etsy shop and see what the sellers have to say! If you post something in a forum that says anything negative about their website you will receive yet another generic letter then they will remove it, heaven for bid Etsy gets any public reviews.

5. Stores can not be removed from the Etsy website unless you hire a lawyers to get them removed. Once you have a shop it's their until you get lawyer representation to remove it...No joke, seems pretty scandalous really! You can close your shop but it will still be on the site, what's more people can still give reviews on your shop. So if you are no longer doing business on Etsy someone can still go onto your page and slander your business reputation.

6. No matter what you complain about Etsy will never help you. They have the most useless, worthless customer service I have ever seen... If I treated my customers like that, I would have nothing but bad reviews. Let me remind you again, THE SELLERS ARE THE CUSTOMERS FOR ETSY!

It's just a matter of time until I see a class action lawsuit come up, I am actually working on it now. Once I have the paper work lined up for this, there will be no stopping me law research does take time to compile but trust me they will be held accountable for their fraudulent & unethical business practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have kept records / copies of all peer reviewed shops reported for resale items for 3 yrs and not one shop or item removed. I have also been harassed and threatened closure for 11 cases opened in 5 yrs and over 920 items sold and 300 reviews.I purchased one item on Etsy for myself was so grossly misrepresented and had to open a case.

Etsy literally required me to take a pair of broke down, cracked, dried destroyed boots listed as lots of life but distressed and photos doctored, to an AUTHENTICATOR!!

Or they would not refund me but has refunded buyers who have literally taken my items apart after threatening me with bad review if i don't refund them.I have very very very detailed policies, I list all items accurately with measurements, professional photos, precise details and my clients 99.99 percent of them love my items and my service and my professionalism but Etsy has a hate on for me probably because of my peer reports.I am very eager to start a class action. I have even contacted and been responded to by the same legal team who sued Etsy for the share holders who filed fraud charges just weeks after Etsy went public on stock exchange and they are interested.I would love to talk and take action with as many as want.


This happened to me. This is a mass class action lawsuit. Email me at


I agree with you. I don't really like doing business in Etsy and I am finding another site for my business...

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