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Etsy is a scam site even to sellers who pay to get there items listed in categories for sale and instead of starting them on page 1 they start them 15 and 20 pages back and that page one listing you paid them for went to a big overseas company that manufactures thousands of fake vintage knockoffs and sells them on ETSY as the real thing and when I complained about this to ETSY the very next day my account was suspended supposedly for a bill I didn't pay that was not even due yet and I was locked out of everything even the comments section and when you call them you get put on hold and you wait and you wait and you wait and then someone just hangs up on you. If you are a consumer and someone recommends that you buy from Etsy you run the other way.

Don't get scammed by them the way I and other countless sellers have been.

The fakes that so many on here have been stuck with were not sold by the small sellers that ETSY throws under the bus to cater to the big overseas sellers. It's these overseas sellers that make these fake knock offs by the thousands and ETSY allows them to sell them and represent them as the real things and they are not.80% are fake!

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Account.

Reason of review: The company is a scam.

Etsy Cons: Anything about the scam company.

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