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I just want to share my issue and ask assistance regarding to my Account.

Yesterday, Etsy emailed me that they want me to re-upload my Government ID to verify my account then after that I uploaded my Government ID which is TIN ID from Philippines, after I uploaded it they emailed me again that They are Unable to verify my Identity for Etsy Payment and suddenly they said that I am not eligible to sell on Etsy and my account is already Disabled. I really don't know whats going on and whats the problem of uploading my ID all information is same.

Please help because I really don't want to lose my account.

Now, my account is not Visible anymore also my listings. If there's a way that I can solve this please help I will do all to get it back.

Also my problem is if my account will get back is it possible that my Bestseller Listing will go back to the first page and be rank same as before.

I hope someone can help me.

Thank you

Preferred solution: Solve my VERIFICATION ID on Etsy payment.

Location: Caloocan City, Manila

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