North Royalton, Ohio

I recently bought a leather bound journal from an Etsy shop. When it arrived, I was horribly disappointed in the quality.

It was some cheap imitation leather. The image on it was already wearing off around the edges. I asked the seller if I could return it, and initially he said yes. But, once I put it in the mail back to him, he disappeared.

After multiple unanswered messages, I finally left a candid 1 star review for the purchase and opened cases against him both on Etsy and PayPal. The seller contacted me right away after I posted the review, demanding I delete it or he would not refund my money. Anyway, PayPal took care of what Etsy did not, and refunded it. However, I was very surprised to find when I went back on Etsy that the review on that purchase had disappeared.

I contacted Etsy asking why it had been deleted, as it was an honest review. They sent me back a message saying that while they "realized the seller had initiated the exchange about deleting the review or else no refund, but it violated their anti-extortion policies." It went on to say they would take action against my account if I used reviews "again in this way." So basically, this guy is selling cheap *** journals at a premium price, keeping money from products returned, and then HE blackmailed ME demanding I delete an honest review or else he wouldn't refund my money and I have Etsy threaten ME with action against my account?! How does that make sense?! Talk about victim-blaming!

What a horrible, horrible company. I will NEVER buy on etsy again!!!

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