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I was shocked to see that Etsy removed my negative review and star rating for a seller on Etsy that burned me with a fraudulent sale.

The seller sold an embroidered pouch on stretch velvet; when received, it was not only not on stretch velvet, but the embroidered emblem was severely off-center by over 1-1/2". When I requested exchange or refund, the seller began a series of b.s. maneuvers to avoid having to correct the problem. Fortunately, PayPal sided with me that the seller committed fraud, and forced the seller to refund my money.

However, Etsy's complaint review department ended up saying they didn't have enough evidence to get involved; even though they asked for and I provided screenshots of the seller's site and claims, multiple measured photos etc. In other words, they certainly were provided with clear evidence.

In going through this process, I discovered many other people had similar problematic experiences with Etsy's irrational evaluation of such situations. I don't know if it's just a question of Etsy staff being lazy and not wanting to bother dealing with things, or having preferential relationships with certain individuals or what. In any event, beware that Etsy's management is not maintaining a truthful and accurate ratings system of the sellers apparently, and you may end up getting burned by someone who has a false set of good ratings (because negative ratings were deleted).

In closing I want to assure anyone reading this that I am a very easy-going, unfussy person, and I would not have sought a refund/exchange or complained if the situation hadn't truly warranted it.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $9.

Preferred solution: I got my resolution from PayPal, although I chose to close my Etsy account since it is not a reliable service; but I feel others should be apprised that the rating systems on Etsy is falsified..

Etsy Pros: Some good sellers.

Etsy Cons: Fraudulent ratings, Deletes negative reviews, Permits fraud.

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Absolutely! I have had the exact same situation with Etsy not only permitting, but actually condoning fraud, and then refusing to remove a seller's response to a negative review despite admitting and acknowledging that the response is false, abusive and defamatory as the seller went on an emotional rampage. I too had the same issue where the seller was completely disinterested in correcting the purchased item to be what was actually ordered and tried to lie about the whole situation.


The same thing happened to me!! Do not shop Etsy!!

I left an honest review after having a horrible experience with a buyer.

Out of curiosity I check my review a few weeks later, gone!!! UNREAL!!


I believe you. Etsy does these sort of stuff.

One of my friends experienced the same situation. As for me, my order was never delivered and my mails to the seller and etsy went unanswered. No refund nothing. I have now discovered another similar site itshandicraft.com and I am satisfied with the products I have received.

Prices are also very reasonable! Try it.


Thank you for the tip. I'm on this site right now because I'm sick and tired of all the "bait and switch" tactics ETSY sellers are doing.

Displaying a really nice picture of their product and sending something that looks like was put together by a two year old.

I am leaving a negative review for this one Seller (which I hate to do because I don't like saying things that can hurt a person's feelings), but this has now happened to me several times with ETSY. I, too, will be closing my account with them.


This is shocking stuff. Must admit for the most part have been very happy with purchases and sellers but now concerned there may not be the support there when things go wrong.

Have been in touch with Etsy over goods not as described and aggressive response from seller.

Will give it a week and if they don't sort this out I'll claim back from credit card company rather than deal with seller again. In the mean time seller continues to sell. They did offer full refund including expenses under duress but it's not totally a matter of money. Poor seller approach affects the whole industry and one bad apple spoils it for everyone.

If I return the goods who's to say they won't be resold to someone without my knowledge and then I would be just as guilty as seller.

My review of purchase reflects experience and we will have to see if it gets removed! TBC


I really apprechiate the advise however after losing my pacience with paypal I simply claimed a return on my credit card to get my money back BUT since DHL delivered the package (even tho its to the wrong address) I still lost the money.. Seller was difficult BUT eventually started to understand that I was in fact not a scamming pos and started speaking to me as a human being again. Will be removing this as it is DHLs fault.

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