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Esty took down, a very factual negative review I left for a dishonest abusive seller.

I purchased a $50.00 painting from a seller on Etsy, but it was misrepresented. She became defensive and abusive when I called her on it, she offered to allow a return, but, after I would have had to pay for the shipping, what’s the point?

She took no responsibility for her mistakes, instead just denied them, including the fact it smelled like smoke, which I now see she has had complaints about before, and also denied them, and sent abusive emails. I get the feeling she has done this before. Leaves things out of the descriptions that affect the value, but keeps the price points low so that what you lose on shipping it back, makes it not worth returning, but takes absolutely no responsibility for any thing.

I wrote a really bad review, but well within the Etsy guide lines yesterday, and ETSY TOOK IT DOWN! If someone else who had a similar experience with this vendor had warned me off with a similar review, I would not be out 50 dollars for a 10 dollar painting right now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Marketplace.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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File a BBB complaint for credit card fraud and customer service


Which shop was this?


Who was the seller? I wonder if this is the same one I had a problem with?