I sold an item (Colt 1911 pistol grips).on etsy.com. The buyer emailed me saying he had ordered the item and wanted to know if I could also make a set of grips for another pistol.

I told him I might be able to make him a second set if he sent me the grips off his 2nd pistol. I received an envelope from him that contained the second set of grips he was asking me to make for him, but the original grips he purchased were not in that envelope as would be expected. But then the buyer told etsy.com that he had sent me two sets of grips (the ones he bought plus the ones he wanted me to make a copy of). Then he contacted etsy.com and claimed he had returned the ones he had bought plus the second set and he wanted a refund.

I told etsy support that he never returned the set he bought and I sent them pictures of what he had returned. Etsy refunded his money and closed my sellers account without speaking to me after I requested a phone call from their resolution agent. So, he got his money back, kept my grips and even got back the 2nd set of grips when I sent them to him when etsy asked me to do so. This was mind-boggling that etsy could allow this type of scam to occur.

I will never use etsy again and would never encourage any seller to sell on etsy. Since then, I have found an etsy.com competitor (Bananza.com) that is even better than etsy In my opinion, etsy.com cares nothing about the sellers that make them money.

This all means that a buyer can send you an item you didn't to sell them or even an empty box and show etsy.com the tracking number to prove they shipped something. Then, etsy will refund their money from your account and close your seller account for asking them to step in and help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Marketplace.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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