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Etsy Dispute Resolution 1:55 PM (10 hours ago) to me Hi, Thanks for getting in touch with us. Before I address your concerns, I hope you'll forgive our slow response time.

We’re currently experiencing a high email volume, and are answering each email in the order that it comes to us. Please know I understand your frustration about our decision to refund several orders that had cases opened for them. However, you were provided opportunities to resolve these issues with the buyer, and did not do so in the given timeframe. We also determined the transactions in question did not qualify for Etsy Seller Protection.

You can read more about the requirements for Seller Protection here: https://www.etsy.com/legal/policy/seller-protection-policy/345******** In addition, I can see that you currently have 5 unresolved cases open against your shop. For reference, Non-Delivery cases will close automatically when one of the following occurs: You issue the buyer a full refund for orders paid with Direct Checkout. The buyer closes the case if they are satisfied with the resolution. You add tracking information to the case that confirms that the package was delivered to a location matching the Etsy transaction receipt (for non-delivery cases only).

If you don't have tracking information, you may also submit additional proof of shipping by directly uploading screenshots or photos of further proof to the case page. Additional proof may consist of a stamped customs form or postal receipt that shows the recipient's address. Furthermore, to resolve a Not as Described case, please know some sellers may offer a full or partial refund, shipment of a replacement item, store credit, or a return for an exchange or refund. Please retain all proof of shipping if sending a replacement item.

That being said, keep in mind for transactions paid via Direct Checkout, Etsy reserves the right to issue a refund to the buyer and recoup funds from your account, when necessary, to resolve a case. Be sure to reference our Direct Checkout Policy for more information: https://www.etsy.com/legal/direct-checkout More information about how to access or resolve your open cases can be found on our Help page here: https://www.etsy.com/help/article/364 Now, I understand you also have concerns about your account being accessed from a device you do not recognize. Please be assured a member of our Trust & Safety team will investigate this matter and get back to you shortly. Finally, as we feel as though we have fully communicated all the information needed to resolve these outstanding matters, it does appear that we've provided all of the information that we're able to share with you regarding this matter.

That said, my team and I will be unable to respond to any further emails regarding resolving open cases or outstanding orders. Best, Sarah-Rose Etsy Dispute Resolution https://www.etsy.com/help ―――――― If you live in North America or South America, this email is sent by Etsy, Inc., 117 Adams Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA; if you live elsewhere, this email is sent by Etsy Ireland UC, a subsidiary of Etsy, Inc., 66/67 Great Strand Street, Dublin 1, D01 RW84, Ireland having company registration number 495696 and VAT registration number IE977****C. All rights reserved. On November 19, 2016, wrote: 6:02 PM (6 hours ago) to Etsy Thank you for contacting me but the reason that you give me for refunding the order is in correct.

Etsy had directed the buyers to send back the items and upload proof of shipping with the receipt for reimbursement. Only 1 person returned their item to me. Etsy further stated in the case log for me not to do anything until i receive the returned item. Etsy went against their own directives in the cases.

They issued the refunds before the buyers uploaded tracking with proof of purchase. So not only did the buyer get refunded for the item but they kept the item at my expense. the cases in questions were handled in this manner: 1: Etsy advises me to upload tracking to the case 2: Etsy then advises the buyer to inform etsy if they do not receive the package within one week 3 Etsy: closes the case stating item has been delivered. 4: Etsy reopens the case immediately and states after further review they are reopening the case as item not as described because the item was sent out late.

Etsy states that they are opening the case not that they buyer requested it but that etsy made this decision. 5. Etsy then advises the buyer to return the item back to me and upload tracking information to the case log and to provide proof of purchase for the postage. 6.

Etsy advises me to wait till i receive the returned item before I proceed with the refund. 7. Etsy within a few days after reopening the case states that they are going to issue a refund on my behalf because i have not shown sufficient indication that i want to resolve the return issue. and then issue the refund as well as tell the buyer that they are sorry and what not.

what is wrong with this picture? do you see the injustice? 1 etsy tells me to upload tracking and states that the case will close once the item is delivered. So I go ahead and either finish making the item or make the item staying up for sometime 48 hours to make these items and get them out.

not only did i spend my time but i also use the materials that are not cheap. 2. Etsy then opens the case on their own not because the buyer asked to but because they wanted to. this is very underhanded.

if etsy knew that they were going to do this all along why would they tell me to send the item out? that is the first thing that is very malicious on etsy's behalf. 3 etsy leads me to believe that i need to wait for the return and that i have to wait for the buyer to do their part by returning it and by providing proof that it is shipped. As i am waiting for the the buyer to provide the information and return my item etsy underhandedly closes the case and says that i showed no interest in resolving the matter then issues a refund and the buyer keeps the item too boot!

Not only did i waste my time making the item or items but i lost money on the the materials and etsy wants me to pay for the refund!!!!??? The worst part of it all is that I have been disregarded and taken advantage of made to look as if i didn't care about the cases against me and that i was a victim of theft in this matter. How is it fair that not only does the buyer get a refund but they get to keep the item too. so not only did i loose money on the sale but i have to foot the bill for the shipping and for the cost of the item and the cost of my time and my reputation is getting worse and worse by all of this.

I receive only 1 return back but that is only because i filed a police report and an internet crime report with ic3.gov. buyer did not want any hassle so they agreed to send it back and it came back used!!! so i still lost on that sale because i can't sell it now for what it was worth when i sent it out!!!! and then there is the buyer who threatened me and told me she was sending a man to my house.

not only did she keep my item snd receive a refund but she threatened to physically harm me so i notify etsy immediately. and etsy never contacted me to ask if i was ok or to see if she followed through with the threat but they refund HER BACK THE MONEY AND SHE KEPT THE ITEM TOO!!!! Do you know what that says to me? That Etsy does not care whether I live or die and that they don;t care that i lost a lot on these transactions.

SO I have made a decision to reach out to you once again and ask to appeal the decisions on the return cases and to advise you of how awful you have treated me in regards to the physical threat. And i made a note of the return cases and I am not only going to file an internet crime report against the buyer but against etsy as well. I was hoping that once i sent in a request to appeal that etsy would care just enough to really look into this but i received the same response and that is too bad you lost your item and the money and anyone can do what they want to you because we just do not care!!! I am thoroughly disgusted with Etsy the blantant disregard.

I would never have been in this mess if the auto renewal feature would not have kept turning on by it's self.! if you had any kind of feelings towards what i have just pointed out to you and really investigate that what I am saying has some validity and take the appropriate measures to right these wrongs. Only then will I have any faith that the staff there at Etsy are not insensitive and are not robbing the sellers blind like all the slander i read about etsy on the internet.

But i have no faith that this will ever happen so i must proceed to the next step. This is wrong very wrong and that is all i have to say to you

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: to reimburse me for the wrongful refunds and clear my name for their malfunctioning website and allow me to continue selling to help pay back the debt they have caused me..

Etsy Pros: I feel taken advantage of.

Etsy Cons: No phone number to contact them, Not user friendly, Not receiving my money, Wont protect seller allow buyers to make physical threats curse.

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Most of the reviews out here demonstrate that the posting party is clearly in the wrong, but this confusing run around from etsys's customer service that you've just described is similar to what I've experienced, right down to the high call volumes excuse for delayed contact, only I never received an apology. I've never, as a seller, experienced a negative transaction like this, but it seems as though I wouldn't be able to trust etsy to handle it appropriately if I ever did.

I have lost faith in their customer service department. I am sorry that you went through all of that. You did a very good job of laying out your case plainly and unemotionally. It is very clear.

Your review confirms my concerns. I am probably going to close my shop. I need to transfer my url.

Thank you for publishing your experience, you've helped me make a decision with regard to moving forward.I like the advice left with regard to the NY BBB, I once worked for a company that did business in NY, that is a state that takes consumer protection very seriously. I wish mine were as diligent.I hope it worked out in your favor.


Typical Etsy seller...

You need to stop whining and focus on creating quality items and better customer service!!!

It's your own ineptness and hostile attitude that got you into all this mess!


You better contact the New York City BBB immediately like I did or this will not stop. I am having the same problem.

I did receive a call today after three times. I recommend that you filed a complaint with the NY City BBB.

@Tausha Lzi

Thank you for the info ill do just that today


Thats what happens when bussinesses get ytoo big. They lose sight of whats fair and unfair.they lose the personal aspect and become a large business and now you are just another customer that they dont have time to help


Becky d, they don't know and I am known *** the woman with the poison key board as I have been on the internet for 16 years now.

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