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You should really consider screening your company's more thoroughly. Expressive Tees has awful customer service.

There is no where on their web page to leave any feedback. The review I left on their Facebook page was removed.

The shirt I purchased from them through your company fell apart after wearing it only three times. The quality of this shirt was unacceptable and you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing this company to sell anything on your site.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Houston, Texas

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Disclaimer, I am an Etsy seller, not an employee or affiliated with them in any way: If you are having a problem with your order, your first step is to contact the shop owner regarding that order. Go to "Your Purchases & Reviews".

Next to your order should be a "Contact the Shop" button. Send them a message, if you don't have a response within 48 hours, your next step would be to open a case against that seller, regarding that order. You can do it in the same place. From there the seller will be forced to respond.

Also, if you purchased from them, you can leave them feedback through the "Your Purchases & Reviews" tab. Good luck!

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