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I always think etsy polices are not made by Human, these are made by group of ***. In simple words, Etsy is monkey with a coconut in hand.

They still dont know how to introduce themselves, just copy paste paragraphs are running on. Neglecting behavior as past, that is why i say "A monkey with a coconut in hand" I have suggestion to all sellers, who are bitten by ETSY integrity team of pigs. You must boycott and gather in on a plate-form run campaign to down them. They do not deserve respect at all.

They have nothing to do with respect. Their integrity pigs, are feeling less. _______________________________________________________________________ Hello Mr. Ali, Thank you for your response regarding your account status.

Etsy is a unique venue that connects buyers to individual makers and designers, and we have policies about what can be sold and the types of businesses that can sell in our marketplace. Not all businesses will qualify to sell here. In the Etsy marketplace we require you to accurately represent yourself, your business, and your items. After a close review, we’ve found your shop to have the following issues: Listing non-qualifying items Having multiple Etsy accounts and not disclosing your involvement with each Inaccurately representing the size, scale, and location of your business, as well as your role in it Opening new shops when previous shops were closed for policy violations Not disclosing the people who help make your items or run your shop Per our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to terminate a member’s privileges at any time, for any reason.

As we believe your account presents too high of a risk to continue to sell, my team and I have elected to revoke your account privileges permanently. We are unable to reconsider this decision, and this email constitutes our final communication on this matter. We wish you the best in your future endeavors. Sincerely, Susannah Etsy Marketplace Integrity https://www.etsy.com/help ________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you very much for your reply.

Please tell me some details: How the item was not qualifying? I dont have multiple accounts. Only "primeleathercrafts" is my responsibility i know about it. If you pay your kind attention to my store, you will easily find that, everything are in details.

My role is also mentioned there. Which Shop is closed ? I am just responsible for my shop. I did not have any other shop.

Everything is disclosed, just need to pay your attention. Everything is given in details. Further more if you wish to ask more question regarding my business. I will more than happy to fulfill your demands.

I waiting for your reply. Your prompt reply would be highly appreciated. Regards, _______________________________________________________________________ Hello Ali, Thank you for your email regarding your account status. Our team has comprehensively reviewed your account history and information on Etsy, and we have determined that we are unable to reconsider the decision made in this circumstance.

We have reason to believe that, despite the best efforts on your part to comply, you'll continue to violate Etsy's policies should your account be reinstated. Because of this, your account will remain suspended. Going forward, we will be unable to respond further to requests to reopen your account. Please do not open any new accounts as they will be closed without notice.

We're sorry we aren't able to accommodate your listings on Etsy, but we wish you the best in finding the most appropriate venue for them elsewhere. _______________________________________________________________________ I replied: Thank you very much for your statement again. I did not asking your decision, I have just asked you to explain your allegations on me. Please read again and let me know the issue u have with me.

Pleas answer me. That is my right. Please dont me give me the *** answer again, like "find" other venue. You dont need to be sympathetic with me.

You just need to explain and proof allegations on me. That's all. These emails are on record that i will show it on forum how you behave incompletely and unprofessionally. One thing more please dont give me robotic lesson that etsy is the venue where individuals can .............etc.

This things are on record, it my right you answer my questions and your allegations on me.

_______________________________________________________________________ Let see, what pigs do. I think, they will again *** like a Pit bull.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Account.

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Can't agree with you more. I share the same experience and as pissed off as you. fxxxxxx bunch of *** pigs!

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