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I have ordered a galaxy s3 phone case, retro sunglasses, tobacco pipe, and a sticker for my car. All from different sellers on this site.

I've had great experiences no problems at all. You just have to make sure that who you're buying from has a lot of reviews. That way you know you won't get ripped off. Oh and buying from paypal buyers is also a good thing to do.

This is not a compliant. Im just letting everyone know that there are good people on etsy who will not just take your money.

I have included a picture showing what I have bought and I have recieved all these things. Shipping does take longer for some people located outside of the u.s but you would know that if you read the buyer's descriptions.

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You're right that there are good sellers on Etsy. However, you'll note that many of the complaints here aren't just about bad sellers, but about Etsy engaging in questionable practices, such as deleting legitimate negative reviews.

So when you claim that you are going to be "safe" by only shopping from sellers with only positive reviews (well, duh), what some of us here are trying to warn you about is that you cannot rely on those "positive" reviews being accurate. Some of us have been burned and when we left reviews to point that out to other potential shoppers, our reviews were deleted by Etsy.

And at least in my case I can confirm that my negative review wasn't crude or inappropriate, and it was 100% factual. I truly feel bad for the people who will continue shopping at the problem seller I dealt with, because more people are going to get burned.

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