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Attempting to set up a seller's account, the form would not accept my bank routing number format. It is the only format that I know of to provide the ABA routing number of on'e account. So i went looking for a way to remedy the situation by looking for a contact page on their site. Good luck there! I had none. There is a "Help center". Yea! well not really. one must "Choose" a topic from the help menu. then, another one from "tell us more" menu. then not finding a proper response back to the first menu; AND START ALL OVER AGAIN in an unending dead loop sequence !!!!! These are just layers of guessing when one is not familiar w/ the etsty mind. It takes an inordinate amount of time developing into deep and abiding frustration WITH A PROCESS DESIGNED TO OBFUSCATE ANY ATTEMPT AT GETTING IN TOUCH WITH A HUMAN BEING AT ETSY.

the number provided does NOT accept incoming calls.

the "request a phone call" tool does NOT exit, FROM MY EXPERIENCE OF ATTEMPTING TO FIND AND USE IT.

there is NO email support address listed anywhere that one is able to find.

etsy is one of the most opaque and seamed-up internet organizations you will ever have the misfortune to need to get information from.

how it is able to do an international business is beyond my ken.

As an experienced eBay seller I'd give them ONE STAR, as opposed to NO Stars! We know what that means, eh?

Product or Service Mentioned: Etsy Account.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Quote - "We know what that means, eh?" ... No, why don't you explain it to us ?You're giving them a star ; for what , your troubles ?Somehow, millions of people have signed up - how did they do it ?

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