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Yesterday I addressed the issue of a possible threat by the mother of the wiccan team aka moondancemagick. I have been looking forward to purchasing their super fat loss spell.

In the interim I purchased from them a spell to ensure no blockages exist to interfere with fat loss spell. Something about her daughter's email address w/spell instructions set Stormy's mother witch off on a rampage! She accused me of lying, implicating me as wanting to be argumentative and hurt me deeply. I asked for my money back because she took away the comfort zone I had had with them for several months.

But her mother was belittling me, attacking all that I said. So she sent me a refund and said we weren't a good fit. I dont know what really caused stormy's mother to go off like that! I became frightened of her apparent dark hateful heart and no longer felt comfortable doing business with her/them.

I have been nothing but respectful. Her mother is threatened me with harm and just a few moments ago stormy said she would be helping her mother do whatever it is she has decided to do to me and said "May God help you." They have my personal information AND a recent photo of me. That fat loss spell was going to save my life. That wont be happening now.

The mother told me this lady who kept questioning the success potential of the fat loss spell so they were so built up with hate against this woman they used dark magic to make her even fatter!! I have a family. Am I supposed the police where they live? I wish to God I had never sent them my picture.

I dont know what to do but this is the last time I am going to shop at Etsy. I place tons of orders through Etsy but I will no longer subject myself to these types of people who have little care or compassion for other people, turning on a dime into something malevolent and threatening to the public and their families. But please do what you can to ban these people from performing voodoo or black magick against me to make me sick or make me fatter or unable to ever lose any weight no matter how hard I try. People with dark hearts should not be allowed to expose innocents with harmful use of their magical powers.

God help me her daughter says? Who the *** do they think they are? What will Etsy do after the fact of the two of them causing me or my family some form of irreparable harm?

Surely Etsy has some authority in place that is used to address issues with the many witches who sell on Etsy that could potentially become a public nuisance and a threat and handling such threats in such a manner as to avoid any direct repercussions on innocent customers. Look forward to hearing from you.


Preferred solution: Ban them from Etsy. They also sell "haunted" dolls and make innocent people who come to them for fat loss spell even fatter or so skinny you could die if they dont like how nice you are. Sincerity sets the mother over the edge cause she cant have it. Be a.

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