My finances are out of control on your end. Your taking all my money.

I've made guess how much in the last couple of months with a decent sale ratio. Zero dollars. Why your service took it all! I'm being charged for business on your end.

I've been emailing with no response. Extremely unprofessional. You certainly would not make a star seller. All I want is an explanation as to where and why ALL my money goes to you.

I've never had this problem. You are charging me for shipping that the customer is paying for. Your shipping math is totally off. Your adding 3lbs.

to 1-2 oz. shipping packages. I want a breakdown as to where my money is going, or I take my business somewhere else. Also Etsy Plus is not living up to what you claim to offer.

All I see is MANY pissed-off customers. As a customer since 2017 and an advocate for Etsy, with respect, I, demand at least an email.

Location: Berlin, New Jersey

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