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I ordered a ring from the Kristinelily shop on Etsy. After paying massive import taxes (would have been nice to know beforehand), turns out the shop sent a much smaller size, I sent a photo with a ring I already owned to show it.

I was strung along and told to wait. When I eventually reported to Etsy, what do you know, my "case eligibility" had magically expired, along with my right to review on Etsy. Yes, along with my right to post a review.

I've payed $ 105, and have nothing to show for it, even though Kristine Lily admitted she sent the wrong size, not even any excuse. Tip for consumers: Don't do it because they do not care when things go wrong and will not reimburse you.

Reason of review: Wrong size ring. .

Monetary Loss: $105.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Etsy Cons: Terrible customer service, Indifferent about mistakes, Lost a lot of money.

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Well- import fees are the customer's responsibility. It's so unnerving to constantly be asked to change the value or mark as a gift from customers.

This is very illegal and if caught, a seller could lose their entire business. Jail time even. It's practically impossible for a seller from the US to know import and duty taxes and fees for all the countries they ship to and for a customer to complain about it is just silly. If you are going to order from overseas it's your responsibility to know what your country charges/requires.

Second- if the seller took so long to ship that your protection ran out then you should report them to etsy.

Generally they can re-open a case like that and hold the seller responsible.

You just have to contact them directly. I believe is a good email address for that...

@Former etsy seller

Thanks for taking time to write your reaction. I understand you wouldn't want to do anything illegal.

However I only said it would have been good to have been reminded beforehand that I was going to pay import taxes. Even if it's true I ought to have known it, I didn't. I might still have gone ahead and ordered but I just would have liked to have had a reminder on the website. Now I know.

Of course if I had known it was the wrong ring, I wouldn't have decided at the post office to go ahead and pay the taxes in order to get it. When I had sent it back the next day and I got nowhere with KristineLily, I did report to Etsy it was the wrong ring. As a matter of fact I wrote them 28 e-mails, and they wrote back over the course of the next months. Like I said, the 'case eligibility' had run out in the end.

All I got was that they were glad of my understanding that they could do nothing. I guess an apology fell under the 'nothing' category too. Well, I certainly understand that I should never go through Etsy again. Not from Etsy or KristineLily, did I get anything.

It was my own trustworthy mastercard company who refunded half the amount I lost; the price of the ring. Well half feels a lot better than nothing, and the other half was an expensive lesson.