I had ordered what was advertised as a chalkboard but turned out to be a link. Asked for my $$ back within 24 hours and was told NO asked for a different year and was told NO - so I reported bad customer service to ETSY and directed my credit card company not to honor the sale.

Now to find out this woman Anonymously contacted my work reporting that I shop on line. We Tracked her IP address and she doesn't realize this is my Sister's Company. Talk about shady and bitter/ her name is Mary Anne A. From PRINTSbyMAdesign -- really?

grow up .. ETSY needs to know who is on their site what they THINK they are capable of. I think I may just file a "harassment" suite on this horsed face clown. I dare her to contact me or my work one more time.

but I am filing anyway .. please remove her as a vendor from your site. Simply refund my money.. tell the truth on what you are selling..

or give me a different product .. pretty simple Don't TRY and harass me..

She is a Joke! thanks Michelle

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I would like this vendor removed from Etsy .

Etsy Cons: False adversizing, Harrasment at my work place, Poor customer service, Fraud.

Location: Doylestown, Pennsylvania

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