Rock Hill, South Carolina
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I had an order go in the 1st of October and today is the 10th and i have not gotten my payment for the order i have already made and shipped out!! I had to borrow money to make and ship this item because etsy refused to send me my money and i have bills.

i got a phone request yesterday and the caller gave me bs about why the money didnt go through. on etsy it says that the money went to my bank account but my bank has no proof of it sending and i have NO money in my etsy account. ive tried for over an hour to request another call and i cant get a hold of customer service.

this is STEALING. etsy is nowhere close to a professional trustworthy business.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Etsy Cons: Not receiving my money.

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Paypal is what others recommend to avoid this problem.

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