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I was a seller on Etsy for almost a year. I have had 999 sales as of today. Because I used the following words or put a photo I took myself, I was kicked off today. Here are my infringements.

1) used the word M&M on these little cabochons which said M&M on jewelry

2) used the phrase "Pandora Like Beads"

3) Took a photo of the Moulin Rouge in Paris and was reprimanded for the copy right on the building

4) Whether or not a banged up old Vera Bradley bag was over 20 years old.

5) Made a necklace with a Heidi Klum designer chain and got in trouble for using the name Heidi Klum

and today

6) a photo I took of Moet Champagne in 2007 and listed it in January of this year and just happened to change the title to reflect what it was, they kicked me off permanently.

These has been harassment with a clique of Etsy shop owners to get me blacklisted too. I have been sent emails, not sold to and even told that I was extorting money from one shop owner, which until today when I asked my attorney what that meant, I didn't even know what that meant. I was also threatened to have the FBI called on me by this person, for what??? Yet there is all these Asian shop owners who I KNOW they don't make their own products, there are still photos of Moulin Rouge, etc. I don't know why I have been picked on since I paid for advertising, brought them money with my 999 sales (I didn't get my 1000th sales as I was looking forward to) for they took that away from me and only sent me another canned letter as they always do when one tries to reach out and tell them anything.I would give no stars if I could because I did what they wanted and cannot understand that I can't sell something that says M&M but others can sell things that they make and say DISNEY. Thank you for listening.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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You broke the copyright infringement rule, so you deserved to get kicked off. The rules are there to protect the customers.

Besides, shame on you for thinking you were above the rules. You got caught and others will too.

I report rule breakers when I see them and report to the company itself, if it's a copyright infringement, because there are many honest sellers working hard to be overshadowed by people like you.


Thank u for ur review... And others I've seen.

I'm in desperation mode looking for an Elsa dress that will arrive in time... Was hoping for something handmade and shipped from the US so I'd get it in time... But I'm not *** enough to fall for the cheapest price out there .. I've been making sure I didn't my research and have been appauled by things I've seen...

Sorry to hear someone who actually is making quality products like you was treated this way.

And very much Appreciate reviews like this so I kno which companies are safe to go thru and which aren't. Sorry u didn't get ur 1,000th sale:(


So why do they use disney's Frozen and get away with it?????


you should never use names that a copyright!

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