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I use a private mailbox service for security purposes and cannot use the post office as some purchases come by Federal Express. I explained this to the seller and her response was that she could not send the package as I requested because it "didn't exactly match up to the system".

She then stated that many people do not know what their addresses are. In other words, I am too stupid to know my own address! I do know my address and the post office's system doesn't always match up. For example, especially in rural areas this can be a problem.

I actually did get the items but the attitude was totally uncalled for. I can't even get Etsy to stop the emails or cancel the account.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Etsy Pros: Theory of selling the products by individuals.

Etsy Cons: Being told i was too stupid to know my own address.

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This isn't the Sellers fault. Unfortunately, if the address doesn't match perfectly, Etsy will not allow the Seller to ship the item.

Etsy states that if a Seller ships an item to an unknown address, the item will show up as never being delivered and it reflects poorly on the Seller.

If the Seller ships to an unauthorized address, it adversely affects the Seller's ability to use the Etsy platform. These are Etsy's rules.

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