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I ordered a printer from a shop, shop sent ink and film, but no printer. I contacted the shop about this and he claims that he mailed them separately so that the ink doesnt spill on the printer?

I asked for tracking information on printer. Never got it. Shop gave me the run around for about two weeks on this. He kept saying it was coming, then he changed to how he had to cargo ship the printer from Texas to Florida.

Still not giving the tracking info when asked. Started to feel like I was being scammed, kept trying to work with the seller. He kept giving me the run around. He stopped responding to me and everything.

I finally had enough and contacted Etsy. Had to make a phone call because the website closed my case as soon as I made it because seller provided proof of shipping finally after speaking to a very nice customer service agent. He reviewed my case and messages with the seller and reopened the case & I asked for either the product or a refund.. Not even 5 mins later the seller decided to finally respond to me.

Clearly upset that was able to open a case against him. I was able to get a full refund for the product.

I still think this shop should be closed. Hopefully they stop trying to scam people.

User's recommendation: BE CAREFUL WHO YOU PURCHASE FROM.

Location: Vero Beach, Florida

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