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Etsy states clearly what handmade means, but the site is full of items listed as handmade that are just drop shipped from huge sources. This is obvious when you compare what they are selling with what is available from other people on the net.

The same stuff. There does not appear to be any screening on Etsy's part as to seller's claims. False labeling abounds. For example, a number of sellers sell genuine hand-collected sea glass.

But Etsy has a number of sellers selling "sea glass" that is clearly fake - it is machine made.

I have complained about this (loss of revenue to genuine sellers) but Etsy does nothing. In the photo you can see the fake sea glass sells cheap and robs customers plus robs the sales from the genuine dealers.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I would agree with you that these items are not real beach glass and are machine-made(and you can tell this just by looking at them.). Though I think that sellers should at least be honest about that part in their listing, I think the loophole here is that they're probably being sold as a "supply," which by Etsy's rules/policies, it is actually allowed.

Their rule is that items can be sold as long as they are handmade, supply, or vintage. They are all allowed items.

This is probably why these {{Redacted}}items aren't being removed. They're being viewed as a "supply."That's my best guess anyway :)

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