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The above Shop issued my refund to the wrong card and I cannot get it because of their negligence and the fact that I cannot contact ETSY regarding this matter.

Mark & Cher Shop, SylvanRoc2, Order #157092412, issued my refund to a

Paypal Mastercard ending in 7254 and not to my Vis credit card ending in 0145 in the amount of $41.43. The earrings were defective and the shop agreed to refund this amount to me but in doing so, refunded to WRONG CREDIT CARD, and I want my refund.

Shirley Hensley

Also read conversations with shop on my account with Etsy!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Disclaimer, I am an Etsy seller, not an employee or affiliated with them in any way: If you are having a problem with a refund, you will need to speak with Etsy directly. From my years working with POS systems and the like, there is most likely nothing that can be done now.

However, as a Seller, they have no control over what card your refund goes back to. All we see is a little button that says "Issue Refund" and we select the amount. That's it. Etsy does the rest.

Now, keep in mind that the refund will go back automatically to the card that you used for the transaction. If you used your Mastercard, the refund HAS to go back to the Mastercard. You can't just randomly decide that you want a refund on a different card, it doesn't work that way.

However, if it somehow got refunded to a card that you did not use in that transaction, it must be a major internal error on Etsy's part. You can always contact them through their Help page, although since the refund has already happened, they most likely can't do anything :

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