hello i am Dakota Cheyanne Allen, the owner of CraftsByCheyBoutique.

i started my Etsy a few weeks ago & everything was running great, i was getting orders & even got some good reviews done orders that had just delivered. when i got home after about 20 mins of running errands for the small business, i saw that my whole Etsy shop was deactivated.

I checked my email & my spam folder i havent gotten any reasons or emails why my account has been deactivated & i want to know why now!

i sell handmade & custom wire rings varying or styles, i have videos on all social media of me making the items i sell.

i followed all guidelines & rules that etsy has. i tried to call but they hung up on me three times saying they cant talk because i dont do business with Etsy anymore. I was really enjoying this platform & has customers returning already. i would like to stay on etsy as i already have sales & reviews about my good work.

on the other hand if you do not give me my account back i will be finding another platform to sell on.

i at least want an explanation or reason as to why you guys would take down something i have worked so hard for.

i understand you dont know my position but if you can but yourself in my shoes & understand i have already put money & time into this etsy business.

& since my account was 90 days new i havent even gotten a deposit of my positive funds i made while being on Etsy for a few weeks. please get back to me asap as this is very important to me & i also had orders to process once i got home, hence why i went out for supplies.

thank you for you time & reading this message if you could please respond back to my email i would really appreciate this, stay safe in these times.

Location: Palm Harbor, Florida

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