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Someone contacted Etsy, claiming to be me, and requested to change and update my shops email. Well I received and email notifying me that a link and instructions were sent to the new email address and to follow the instructions to change it.

So when I checked my email that afternoon I saw the notification which I didnt request and I clicked the link at the bottom stating if I didnt request this to change my password ASAP well I click on it and it was expired and I was not locked out of my account. So I tried to co tact Etsy, which no phone number anywhere and took me about 20 minutes to find an email since they wanted me to log in but I couldnt because my account was closed and deactivated. Its been 24 hours and I am still waiting for someone to fix this. The rep on the phone after I finally found a number for them was super nice and did all she could said they will investigate.

I asked her to lock the damn account but who knows whats going on.

So I am still waiting. The security on this site is very poor

User's recommendation: Find another site to sell on.

Location: Maineville, Ohio

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Same happened to us too. We have called Etsy 3 times and emailed them at least 3 times, all to no avail. We still are unable to access our shop......very poor service.

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