I have been conned out of a lot of money from this fake seller on Etsy. I wish I had done a search into this *** artist before parting with my money.

I was sold 2 fake Djinn rings and several spells. None of these items worked and I received no refund at all. She actually threatened to curse me when I complained that nothing worked and told me she knew my address.

The people behind this apparently Frank Peavey and Heather Agger Peavey and they have been scamming people online for years, first at ebay under the name moonsblessings and then on other pages. Please avoid this person

Location: Hamilton, Scotland

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I just got 2 spells from that shop..Uhm they call themselves differently now. One of them is Tess...I hope this is not a scam, or else I won't be seeing my ca$h again...


it is a scam I'm afraid they scammed me too



well I got my money back.

But in the feedback I saw on some pages that the used to call themselves "TheLunarCoven"...And if you google that you get sites about moonblessings & Heather Peavy as well as Frank Peavy from Maine being fraudsters/scammers...

So I don't know...

Mystic Coventry has a lot of positive feedback..

And on etsy you have to pay for items/services before you can leave feedback, so I don't understand how they coordinate all this if they are writing their own positive reviews???


Sadly, all the positive reviews written by people who purchased spells and work from Mystic Coventry were submitted shortly after being purchased. No one gave themselves enough time to pass to realize that they indeed were being scammed.

Tess is now selling on Bonanza. Please, please people... Stay away. This woman is a phoney fake.

I had to learn the hard way.

NOTHING I purchased from Mystic Coventry worked.

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